Albin Pump


Our company originates from Albin Verken and is since 1928 an independent company.

We develop and manufacture pumps that facilitate our customers’ processes through innovative solutions.

We take pride in delivering efficient and innovative solutions for our customers’ processes. Our pump solutions can lower our customers’ costs by reduced maintenance and increased productivity.

We serve the following markets/industries: paint & ink, pulp & paper, resins & adhesives, wastewater, food & sanitary, marine, transport, mining and chemical process.

We work through a global network of distributors (present in 70 countries with 40 distributors).

We look forward to being part of your pumping application.

Important years :

1928 : Started in Sweden focusing on gear & lobe pumps
2005 : Restarted under Albin Pump AB to produce innovative pumps for today’s industries.
2005 : Took over development of AD pumps (Air Operated Floating Diaphragm pumps)
2006 : Started production of ALH hose pumps (high pressure)
2007 : Nominated for Technical Innovation of the year and Pump Producer of the Year by World Pumps/Pump Industry Awards.
2008 : Awarded the IWWE & IRWM Innovation Award for the most innovative product.
2009 : Started production of ALP hose pumps (low pressure)
2007 : The ALX150 – world’s largest capacity hose pump – is presented
2007 : The CIP pump – Clean-In-Place – is presented

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