Dear Clients

I’m pleased to welcome Services Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd’s customers on our web-site and express my appreciation of your interest in our services. On behalf of the Company, I assure you that you will receive the best possible services in the market as well as trade fairly, securely and with the latest and most advanced technological achievements.

It is our guiding principle to offer our clients only what traders / end-users really need and we have proved by our development track record to be true this cause. Services Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd. is an engineering company provide complete solution of sales and after sales support to our valued customers inside / outside Pakistan. The main Purpose to launch of our services is only natural in order to satisfy the need for fair and Transparent trading conditions with an excellent customer support.

Then we realized that those skills and knowledge must be coupled with technological superiority in order to fully complement the traders/ end-user’s war chest. Up to this date we see it as the pillar of our work to improve and create the most innovative solutions for trading activity.

We are with our customers 24/7. We constantly aid traders / end-users and improve conditions of their work by adding useful content such as up-to-date news, calendar and technical analysis to our homepage.

With us you can be sure of constant support, most convenient conditions and trader oriented approach. We are committed to keep the services and spread our values and advantages to new regions of our presence. And with the overwhelming growing pace of the Company we believe that all this will ensure and keep guiding us in our quest to become Pakistan’s leading service providers.

We believe that this is only the beginning of what our clients really deserve.

Best regards


Abdul Wahab Gill


Services Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd. has a collective of amazing people striving to grow your business productivity with the World's best quality products.